Connect to VPN

Downloading the SSL VPN client software

Step 1: Open the URL ‘’ OR ‘

Step 2: Authenticate with ASAS domain credentials

First time users will get the following web page.

Step 3: Once logged into the portal, download the SSL VPN client for the required endpoint accordingly. In this article, we will download and install the client and configuration for Windows 10.

Installing the SSL VPN client software on Windows

Step4: Run the downloaded SSL VPN client.

Note: If you have an application control software, make sure to unblock OpenVPN and SSL VPN Client for Windows in order for the installation to be successful.

Once it is downloaded, install the plug-in by simply executing it

Click Next and follow the wizard.

Accept the license agreement.

Choose the folder location and click Install.

Monitor the installation process.

Click Finish to complete the installation.

Once installed, start the VPN authentication by clicking on the traffic light symbol in the task bar.

Step 5: Authenticate with ASAS domain credentials and then Connect

The traffic light will change from red (disconnected) to red and amber (negotiating/connecting). As soon as the traffic light changes to green, a pop up message appers confirming the SSL VPN connection is established.


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